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A new partnership between White Rabbit Partners and Stay Tuned Media

On 30th March 2016 Stay Tuned Media Inc. (STM) signed a long term agreement with California based White Rabbit Partners Inc. (WRP). WRP owner of KLEAN Treatment Centrers - one of the biggest network of rehabilitation institutes at West Coast - agreed to handle all media operations to Stay Tuned Media. In the following months the two strategic partners will boost KLEAN News which is a dedicated addiction help channel related to KLEAN.

STM will help to WRP to build and operate a new bi-media (radio+TV) studio, meanwhile STM will support wide range of in-house video production projects.

This cross border agreement helps for STM to get better service quality not only US but worldwide level also. WRP provide a complete facility support for STM during the whole term of the agreement.

WRP has a newly founded Working Recovery Program which will also supported by the STM video production crew.

At the signing ceremony CEO Andrew Spanswick added: “The Hungarian background of the Stay Tuned Media Inc. is a great added value for the entire project.”

About White Rabbit Partners:

The WRP was founded in 2006 by Andrew Spanswick, CEO and his long term business partner Dr. Alan Jason Coe, MD. The company acts as a holding company for multiple companies, the primary set of which are KLEAN Treatment Centers which are behavioural health facilities providing care to close to 300 clients a month in California, Washington and Oregon. WRP also holds a Media division that produces KLEAN Media and is in development with several major productions.

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