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5 is just the beginning

The whole concept of Stay Tuned Media was a crazy idea: is it possible to start an international company from scratch with an Middle-Eastern European background? At least it is. The whole started in a small office at Budapest in April 2014. We draw the basic line of the company, established the core foundation. Than the real work started. Step-by-step we had more and more clients. After an almost 2 years long research on the US market, in 2016 one of the biggest dream come true when STM main operation moved to Los Angeles, CA. Since than the company has several successful projects, we created more than 500 video and cross media contents, Instagram and Facebook ads, several news coverage and promo videos.

This is the beginning. It was a great journey and we all know that we have lot more to do.

But with our partners and clients everything is possible.

Thanks for your support!

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